Real Estate

Real Estate

Are you buying, selling or dealing with property in the Australia?

Let one of our experienced real estate lawyers guide you through the process

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or dealing with property in the Australia, you will need a solicitor to handle the legal aspects of the transaction.

  • We offer legal services in the following:
  • Drafting Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Reviewing real estate contracts& agreements
  • Advising on contractsand agreements
  • Reviewing mortgage and other related documents
  • Property Litigation
  • Full transaction support and service

Real estate matter usually involve large sums of money so it is absolutely crucial that you get the right advice in the first instance. Our lawyersprimary objective is to protect and champion your legal rights and to make sure you are getting a fair deal. Our lawyer are well versed review contracts and are able to advise you on any clauses that need to be amended, inserted or removed in order to protect your interests. Speak to one of our competent and highly skilled lawyers today to get the right advice and safeguard your interests.

Why Use our Services

We have a dedicated team of lawyers who specialize in real estate and property law and they will ensure your matter is handled professionally and in a timely manner. Our lawyers cooperate with real estate agents and financial institutions to ensure a fast exchange and smooth settlement and transaction. Transparency and attention to detail is the cornerstone of our legal work and we strive to keep our clients well informed through out the entire process. We return emails and calls promptly so you can have peace of mind that we will manage your matter professionally and courteously.

Why Choose Solicitors

While conveyancers and solicitors can undertake the conveyancing process, solicitors have been trained in law and are also able to give you legal advice about other matters such as on the contract for sale and contract terms.

Our lawyers operate with the highest service standards and provide advice only a trained lawyer with an eye for detail can provide.

Our lawyers have years of experience in conveyancing & property law transactions all over NSW. Our pragmatic approach means we complete the transaction efficiently and professionally ensuring a smooth turnaround and stress free conveyancing process for our clients.


We operate flexibly, this means we can take instructions face to face or via phone or email.

Our Fees for Acting on Sale of Property

We provide a very competitive Fixed Fee Conveyancing for Acting on the sale of property.

Our fees are $990 + GST.

This price includes our professional fees:

  • Preparation of Contract of Sale;
  • Disbursements like searches etc.;
  • Drafting special conditions to the contract;
  • Attend to exchange if necessary;
  • Liaise with agent, mortgage provider and purchaser’s solicitor;
  • Prepare settlement adjustments (covering rates etc.);
  • Organise& attend settlement;
  • Postage, photocopying & phone calls.

As well as Disbursements which generally include:

  • Title Search
  • Dealing plan
  • Sewerage diagram
  • Council s149 Certificate
  • Sundries (fax, postage, photocopying)
  • Settlement agent attendance
  • File management and search services

If you are interested in discussing our services further or requesting a quote please call our office

Our Fees for Acting on Sale of Property

We provide a very competitive Fixed Fee Conveyancing for Acting on the Purchase of property.

Our fees are $950 + Disbursements + GST.

This price includes our professional fees:

  • Advise you in relation to the Contract for Sale.
  • Advise you as to various searches required and obtain searches on your behalf.
  • Communicate with your financial institution to ensure unconditional loan approval and funds are available on completion of the purchase.
  • Negotiate the terms of your Contract.
  • Attend to exchange of Contracts.
  • Ensure property is in a good condition.
  • Advise in relation to mortgage documents.
  • Prepare and attend settlement.
  • Arrange for release of keys to property after settlement.
  • Notify Council and Water Board and attend to registration of documents with the Land Titles Office.
  • Communicate and keep you updated on the progress.

When purchasing your property you may incur the following disbursements which are additional to our fixed fee (these disbursements may vary and are an estimates only):

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Final Title Search$15.00
Property Enquiries $250.00
Settlement Agents fee$60.00
Stamping Agents fee$7.00
Section 109 Certificate (strata)$117.00
Certificate of Currency$43.00
Pest and Building Reports$400.00 (optional)
Survey Report$495.00 (optional)

If you are interested in discussing our services further or requesting a quote please call our office