Australian Migration Law & Visa Services

Australian Migration LawYERS & Visa Services

Our legal practice offers a full range of Australian migration services including Business Migration, Skilled Migration and Student Migration services.

Our immigration lawyers and registered migration agents have over six years legal experience in immigration law and other areas of Australian law and have worked on many high profile migration cases and migration appeals which have gone all the way to the high court. You can be confident you are receiving comprehensive tailor made expert advice and solutions to your migration needs.

We offer migration assistance in the following:

  • Australian Student Visa
  • Australian Business Investor Visa
  • Australian Skilled Migration Visa
  • Australian Partner Visa
  • Australian Family Reunion Visa
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Federal Court Appeals
  • High Court Appeal

Dealing with the ever-changing intricacies of Australian Immigration Law requires experience, knowledge and expertise. It can be a confusing task to try to work out which Australian visa you should apply for and whether you will satisfy the relevant visa criteria. Get help from our ethical and honest lawyers who will advise you taking into consideration your best interests, and the most suitable way for you to migrate to or live in Australia and permanent residence pathways.

Our lawyers don’t want to waste your time or money, we will tell you what your prospects are for success and we will provide you with and honest and direct approach to your migration needs and the best way to move forward with your migration objective.

What can we do for you?
  • Advise you of your eligibility and prospects of success for Australian Visas
  • Recommend strategies for you to migrate to Australia
  • Liaise with your employer if you are considering employer sponsorship visas
  • Advise you of the requirements to obtain a visa or sponsorship approval
  • Guide you through the process with the Department of Immigration, and Merits Review if this is required
  • Liaise with assessing bodies and the Department of Immigration on your behalf
  • Keep you informed throughout the visa application process
  • Be upfront and realistic about the fees, costs and time involved in the process
  • Relieve you of the stress and anxiety associated with this substantial investment in your future
Why use our services?

Our professional team of lawyers, migration agents and barristers possess years experience working on Australian migration matters and Australian visa applications and can offer you in depth of knowledge to help you with your migration goals. We offer:

  • Representation by an experienced lawyer and registered migration agent
  • Friendly, efficient and cost-effective service
  • Professional staff who act ethically and in your best interests, cutting out the nonsense and giving you accurate and realistic information, advice and legal avenues to genuinely help you achieve your migration goals
  • We will liaise with assessing authorities and the Immigration Department on your behalf
  • We will always maintain contact and return calls promptly to keep you updated about your matter

Difference counts

Difference between Australian Immigration Lawyers and Australian Migration Agents

In Australia, any individual or firm providing immigration advice and/or assistance must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Australian migration practitioners are regulated by the guidelines and policies of this authority. This applies for both Australian Migration Agents and Australian Lawyers who practice in the immigration area.

All MARA registered Australian immigration lawyers are also Australian Migration Agents. Not all Australian Migration Agents can claim to be Australian Immigration Lawyers.

Approximately only one third of all registered Migration Agents are also Australian Immigration Lawyers.

The most obvious difference between Australian Migration Lawyers and Australian Migration Agents is huge differences in the level of training and regulation that applies to each.

While both Australian Immigration Lawyers and Australian Migration Agents must be registered with MARA and are subject to MARA’S guidelines and regulations, Australian Immigration Lawyers are also required to be registered with a government-approved body that regulates the legal profession. This means that Australian Immigration Lawyers are subject to a higher degree of regulation, supervision and professional legal development than Australian Migration Agents.

Choosing an Australian Immigration lawyer provides you with a higher level of regulation and consumer protection as opposed to a migration agents.

In any event it is crucial for prospective visa applicants to be sure that they are dealing with an registered migration agent to prevent paying money to fake migration agents. You can check your agent is registered on the website of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

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