Egyptian citizens migration options to Australia

Egyptians citizens wanting to migrate to Australia for better career and future prospects have a number of Australian visa and permanent residence pathway options.

Egyptians citizens can opt to come to Australia as students to study English, a diploma, a university degree or enrol in postgraduate studies such as a masters degree or PhD.

Studying in Australia is a good stepping stone for Egyptians wanting to make the move and is a good way to transition into Australian society and build good networks and contacts. 

Studying at a degree level or above in Australia would also allow the student an opportunity to apply for a graduate visa and work in Australia for up to another four years, as long as your study matches or is closely related to an occupation on the skills shortage list.

For example studying accounting, nursing, engineering, or IT could allow student graduates to be eligible for a graduate visa once they graduate. There are many other occupations and areas of study which would provide students with the eligibility for a further (graduate) visa. It is best to consider your short term and long term future career plans when choosing an area of study in Australia so you have a clear plan and pathway which will help you achieve your goals. 

As an international student in Australia you will also be able to work while you are studying (up to 20 hours during school study sessions and unlimited hours during school vacation periods). You also must be able to meet the financial requirements of studying in Australia, that is you have to have enough funds to cover your study and living expenses for the first 12 months of living and studying in Australia as you may be asked to show proof of funds. The Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) requires that you are able to financially cover expenses of $20,290 for the first 12 months when applying for a student visa Australia

An alternative to studying in Australia is moving to Australia as a skilled migrant. If you graduated in Egypt with a degree, skill or qualification and have experience in an occupation which is listed on the skilled occupation list, then you might be able to apply as an independant skilled migrant. Alternatively you might be able to be nominated by a State/Territory or an employer to fulfil a skilled occupation in Australia. 

In any cases numerous Egyptians have made the move to Australia and have been successful in obtaining permanent residence.

The Australian standard of living is quite good compared to the rest of the world and the dollar is also quite strong. Australian work options provide Egyptians with the opportunity to work and save money. Having an Australian qualification is also internationally advantageous and can provide you with better career and future prospects.

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If you are an Egyptian considering migrating to Australia, then speak to one of our Australian migration agents today about your Australian migration options. Our agents also speak Arabic, so contact us today.